Jami Hancock’s work uses inspiration from horror/sci-fi movies and posters of the past to create interesting characters and settings for topics from relatable everyday situations to imagined spaces. She is also influenced by concept artists for movies and video games for not only the various genres but also the attention to detail in work that is so quickly executed. Her use of inks and paint application allow her to achieve an aged aesthetic to her work creating a theme of nostalgia and horror/sci-fi fantasy.

Jami’s work ranges from character and setting concept development to posters and paintings. She also works with portraiture within her paintings that are usually done in acrylics or oil paints. She is a student of OCAD University and formerly attended Sheridan College and has had work displayed in venues such as the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery and the Whitby Public Library.

It’s me! Done in a vintage flare, emulating old pulp novel covers.
Acrylic paint on Masonite, 16”X20”, 2018.

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